The Princess And The Warrior (2001)


A psychiatric nurse tracks down the mystery man who saved her life after a traffic accident but finds herself on the run when she is caught up in his attempt to rob a bank.

The Princess and the Warrior is an offbeat love story that has “European cinema” written all over it. Two damaged individuals find solace in each others arms after various trauma that affect their lives and much forced poignancy and unlikely coincidence indicating “fate” rear their heads in the process. It’s basically the kind of film that would never be made in Hollywood and as such does feel quite refreshing, but there is an underlying air of pretension that stops it from being a truly great film; the metaphorical ending in particular was rather ham-fisted in way that made me feel that the director might as well as drawn an “emotional” diagram with accompanying flow charts and maybe a nice bar graph thrown in. But as with all films, the entertainment level boils down to whether the story interests you and the performances appeal and in this case, they do.

Pretty to look at and oddball enough to please any fans of indie or world cinema, if a little emotionally unengaging for the aforementioned reasons.



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