The Princess And The Pirate (1944)


Old Bob Hope films were always amongst my favourites growing up and this is one of his funniest. He plays Sylvester The Great, man of seven faces (“I travel a lot. With my act, it’s safer!”) who saves runaway princess Virginia Mayo from the clutches of evil buccaneer The Hook.

The gags flow thick and fast and come complete with Hope’s usual self-deprecating one liners, loads of slapstick and plenty of sight gags; if you imagine Pirates Of The Caribbean done by the Marx brothers, you’re in the right ball park. Walter Brennan is hilarious as a crazy old pirate and Mayo is very easy on the eye in the classic tradition of old style Hollywood glamour.

It still makes me laugh out loud pretty much non-stop after all these years and is the kind of classic comedy that appeals to all ages.



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