Mr. Holmes (2015)


An elderly and retired Sherlock Holmes struggles with his failing memory as he attempts to recount his final case.

Mr. Holmes is more character study than mystery, trying – and succeeding – in fleshing out the character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation beyond that of the “Penny Dreadful”. Obviously aided enormously by Sir Ian McKellen’s exquisite performance, it paints a picture of a man prideful of his intellect but burdened with the pain of regret in his inability to fully relate to his fellow human beings. There is much pathos to this engaging story and sensitive direction combined with an attractively realised portrait of the post-war period make for a beautifully crafted film.

Perhaps slightly lacking in plot as the mystery element is more device than intrigue but Mr. Holmes is a thoughtful meditation on old age and acting master class by its star.



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