The Place Beyond The Pines (2013)



A stunt motorcyclist takes to bank robbery to provide for a newborn son he never knew he had with far reaching consequences both for his family and the cop who catches him.

Very much a game of two halves, The Place Beyond The Pines consists of two distinct stories; the first stars Ryan Gosling as the would be bank robber and it is this section which is by far the most interesting. Its combination of domestic drama, crime and character study of a doomed new father who makes all the wrong choices works well and it’s a shame that the second part of the film which focuses on Bradley Cooper’s ambitious rookie cop and their sons loses its direction. The result is a little like an implausible teen soap opera which fails to convince on any dramatic level and I found my interest in the story waned after Ryan Gosling’s disappearance.

It’s certainly worth a watch for the first hour but it’s a genuine shame that the narrative momentum falters for the unsatisfying climax.



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