Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)


The third instalment of the saga of Captain Jack Sparrow sees him rescued from Davy Jones’ Locker to help defeat Clark and The Flying Dutchman.

World’s End makes a lot of the same mistakes of the previous film; it concentrates far too much on spectacle and special effects rather than characterisation, the film once again resembling a very elaborate cartoon. The amusing eccentricities brought to Jack’s character by Johnny felt a lot more forced and there are too many characters vying for screen time. This results in Chow Yun Fat being completely wasted and Norrington’s character development – which was by far the best thing about Dead Man’s Chest – is completely ignored. But one mistake it does not make is in the pacing; although it is rather longer than the previous outings, it never drags or bores. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the oneupmanship between Jack and Barbossa and the witty dialogue from the first film makes a welcome return.

Again, rather like the Matrix and Bourne franchises, the third instalment¬†makes the second seem rather irrelevant, but as a whole it’s an exciting and entertaining romp that won’t disappoint Jack’s fans.



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