Pineapple Express (2008)


Seth Rogen stars as a 25 year old stoner who witnesses a drug murder, so he and his waster dealer go on the run with two hit men and a corrupt policewoman in pursuit.

I’m not a big fan of contemporary American comedy and I know from experience that stoners are the most boring, immature and irritating people on the face of the Earth and lo, Pineapple Express for the most part is watching two annoying people shout and repetitively bicker at each other while smoking weed and acting like a pair of tools. It has the now overly familiar cocktail of wacky gangsters in pursuit, punctuated with comic action sequences in which people who can’t fight have fights, and people who can’t shoot have shoot outs. It’s as if Kevin Smith had done Planes Trains and Automobiles after watching Cheech & Chong and as a whole it’s got enough going on to keep you vaguely interested.

But it has one pretty fatal flaw. It isn’t funny.



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