A Perfect Getaway (2009)

APG_Fnl1Sheet_11F (Page 1)

A pair of honeymooners go on a secluded Hawaiian adventure trail but when they hear of a series of murders nearby they begin to suspect their travelling companions.

I have a lot of time for David Twohy; although his films are never exactly groundbreaking, they are always visually pleasing, entertaining and inventive and A Perfect Getaway is another example. Probably his most mainstream effort to date, the serial killer movie with the inevitable twist is a very familiar formula but he manages to create quite an entertaining ride during its 90 minute length. The watchable cast are all fine and it provides enough in the way of twists and turns to maintain the interest, but like Shutter Island, the only real drawback is the strength of the twist. There just aren’t enough “suspects” making the big revelation a bit too obvious.

Still, it’s an amusing little cinematic snack that may not be as good as Scorsese’s effort but it’s a Hell of a lot better than The Beach.


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