Outpost (2008)


A unit of mercenaries hired to protect a scientist investigating a military bunker in the middle of war torn eastern Europe find it occupied by an unkillable force.

Having my appetite for Nazi zombies whetted, Outpost takes the idea in a different direction being more an action/horror hybrid than the tongue in cheek gorefest that was Dead Snow. Obviously on the surface it’s another variation on the Predator theme, but it also takes cues from Aliens in its pitting of a military force against an invisible enemy in darkened corridors; the treatment of the enemy feels more like Carpenter’s The Fog than anything else however. It actually builds up a reasonable level of suspense with some nice visuals and decent performances, Ray Stephenson having more than a little bit of the Sean Connerys about him and the idea of Nazi zombies is inevitably an appealing one. Really what it needed was a nice shock ending or a surprising twist in the tale to make it special, but unfortunately it sticks to the generic formula and doesn’t really deliver the finale it required.

Solid, but unspectacular and not a patch on the similar Dog Soldiers.



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