Out Of Sight (1998)


A smooth-talking bank robber develops an infatuation with the beautiful U.S. Marshall who is tracking him.

Out Of Sight is the film in which we saw the first glimpse of which George Clooney was capable and is clearly where the seeds of the Ocean’s franchise were sown. It’s a smart and sassy romantic heist movie based on a novel by Elmore Leonard with one foot planted firmly in the golden age of Hollywood. Although rather far-fetched, the chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Clooney works particularly well, he exhibiting his trademark charm and she making a particularly smart and strong as well as sexy leading lady. The dialogue is witty, the characters highly likeable and the plot interesting without being overly convoluted; everything a caper movie should be, basically. It is guilty of racial stereotyping – especially in the case of Don Cheadle’s rather unpleasant gangster and his crew – but otherwise it hits the mark perfectly.

Not only better than the similar Thomas Crown Affair, but also better than all of the Ocean’s films in my opinion.



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