Open Water (2004)


A young couple are left behind when they go scuba diving. Errrrm….that’s it.

Essentially, this film begins with half an hour of holiday home movie and then consists of watching two yuppies bob around in the water. Sounds thrilling doesn’t it? But to be honest, Open Water is not quite as dull as it sounds. It manages to tap into quite a primeval and universal fear; being lost in a hostile environment with an unseen enemy stalking you is a staple of the horror genre. It did actually make me jump a couple of times as you see menacing shapes lurking beneath the waves and the strobe effect of the lightning during the storm was actually very effective. Unfortunately much of what this film was trying to achieve could’ve been done in half the time; otherwise, it is an over abundance of teary, whiny padding.

Perhaps worth seeing once for the best bits, but that’s all.



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