One Night At McCool’s (2001)


Liv Tyler doing her best Jessica Rabbit impersonation stars as a vampy femme fatale who beguiles every man she meets by spontaneously turning into a photo shoot from FHM magazine and wackiness ensues.

A promising cast fail to save this Film Noir spoof that is unfortunately lacking in any semblance of wit or any measure of subtlety. What starts off as a kind of Elmore Leonard style comic drama suddenly becomes some kind of Rashomon – or rather,  Jackie Brown – homage in which the same story is told from three different perspectives and ends up as tacky farce involving comedy bondage gear and a shoot-out to the strains of The Village People.

One Night At McCool’s is heavy-handed, vulgar and more than a little misogynistic and you’d be far better served watching Grosse Point Blank or Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang instead.



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