One Missed Call (2008)


A vengeful spirit transfers from mobile phone to mobile phone, leaving a message featuring the last words of its owner just before they are horribly killed.

This film is everything that’s wrong with the horror genre these days. It’s the kind of film that was probably created in a “brainstorming session” by men who work in marketing who wear red braces, play racquetball together and drink wheat grass smoothies. They thought of the name of the movie first and then tried to fit a script around it. They had an “ideas board” upon which they “bounced ideas around” and had subheadings like “What teenagers like” with “cell phones”, “hotties”, “scares” and “gruesome deaths” written underneath – although not too gruesome, of course. We’ve got to keep that 15 certificate to maximise ticket receipts after all. They then discussed marketing strategy over decaf mocha lattes, while assistants “researched” Final Destination and Ring for ideas to rip off.

Judged on its own merits, it has a few creepy scenes and adequate performances but it’s such a soulless exercise in money making exploitation that I felt quite dirty just watching it.



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