Ocean’s Twelve (2004)


The Ocean crew are blackmailed into perpetrating another heist in order to pay back the money they stole.

I think that Ocean’s Eleven’s inevitable sequel is a love or hate kind of film. Just to be awkward, I’d say it’s a case of both for me; I loved the first half and hated the second. George Clooney and Brad Pitt actually succeed in forging a buddy partnership to emulate that of Redford and Newman and during the stylish and witty first hour, it sparkles. Unfortunately, at the midway point they are arrested and are never on screen together again; instead we are presented with Julia Roberts playing Tess playing Julia Roberts, alongside Bruce Willis playing himself purely for the sake of it. Add to this the fact that the clever heist-based plot is replaced by The Pink Panther does Entrapment and it completely flounders.

I found this a genuine shame because up until that point, I was really enjoying it.




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