Ocean’s Thirteen (2007)


A ruthless hotelier cheats Reuben out of his share of the property and so the gang decide to extract retribution by ruining him and taking everything he’s got.

The Ocean’s franchise, although better than the horribly self-indulgent original rat pack film, has never quite lived up to its potential. The first film started well but got rather mechanical and joyless for the second half. The second film started well but the second half quickly degenerated into nonsense. The third time is the charm however, as the latest chapter delivers an improvement over them both. The balance of comedy and action is maintained throughout the film, there’s no Julia Roberts to be seen and Al Pacino makes a much more charismatic villain than the inanimate Andy Garcia character. There’s also plenty of comic asides from the Clooney/Pitt double act and Don Cheadle has finally tamed his still silly, but now bearable mockney accent. The plot twist is a little obvious and a couple of the characters barely get a look in, but that’s obviously preferable to it being bloated and overlong.

A stylish and sassy heist thriller and the probably the best of the series.



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