Ocean’s Eleven (2001)



A parolee fresh out of jail hatches a scheme to rob a casino to revenge himself upon its unscrupulous owner.

I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that I’d done this star-studded caper movie a disservice when I first watched it, and as I watched Clooney and Pitt’s great buddy partnership sparkle through the witty and stylish planning of their casino heist, I was convinced I was right. And then Julia Roberts hoved into view. It’s not that she’s completely dreadful but she managed to muster absolutely zero chemistry with her co-star, which considering she was paired with Mr. Sauve himself is quite an achievement. The execution of the heist is also lacking the humour of the earlier part of the film and so resembles something out of Mission: Impossible. Add the niggles of Andy Garcia’s characterless villain and Don Cheadle’s painful mockney accent and I think I was fair after all. But it is an entertaining film, executed with panache and worth the time for David Holmes’ soundtrack alone.

Plus it’s a damn sight better than the painfully self-indulgent original and there aren’t many remakes about which you can say that.



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