Oblivion (2013)


A technician servicing the last outpost on a post-apocalyptic Earth recovers an escape pod dating from before the war which challenges everything he thought he knew about the world.

As you can probably guess from the presence of the poster boy for wacky cults, Oblivion is very much a mainstream sci-fi crowd-pleaser, but thankfully it is done with enough reserve and intelligence to avoid the kinds of brain dead Bay-isms that plague modern cinema. To knowledgeable sci-fi aficionados the plot will seem very familiar and predictable, “borrowing” as it does from classics such as Planet Of The Apes and The Matrix, and if you’ve seen one film in particular – I won’t name it as it would be a spoiler extraordinaire – then the big “twist” will be more than a little obvious.

But Oblivion is attractive, slick and always entertaining and if you are in the mood for a slice of undemanding action fantasy, you could do a Hell of lot worse.



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