Now You See Me (2013)


A group of small time conjurers and hypnotists are recruited by a mystery figure to stage a series of high profile Robin Hood style robberies.

Now You See Me is a flashy, mainstream crowd pleasing thriller that will appeal very much to fans of the Ocean’s films. The cast play off each other well, Woody Harrelson’s smart mouthed mentalist being the pick of the bunch and the magic-based format provides plenty of opportunities for flashy set pieces and even an exciting chase or two. Morgan Freeman routinely steals the show as a cynical professional debunker and Mark Ruffalo, who already has experience in the heist field starring as he did in the similar Brothers Bloom, acquits himself well as the befuddled agent in pursuit. It’s obviously very contrived and the twist is a little obvious, and often the visual trickery made my brain feel like a cat chasing a laser pointer around the room rather than being genuinely engaged with the characters.

But it is flashy, fun and above all, entertaining.




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