National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (2007)


When a missing page of Wilkes-Booth’s diary turns up and implicates Ben Gates’ great grandfather in the assassination of President Lincoln, yet another set of clues contained in historical relics sets him on the trail of a mythical golden city.

The first National Treasure film was a serviceable enough family orientated adventure and this sloppy, lazy sequel is pretty much just a drearily mechanical carbon copy. Once again the breathlessly episodic script leads Nicolas Cage from one clue to another which makes it feel like watching someone else playing a Tomb Raider game, and there are ridiculously contrived excuses to crash London taxis, break into Buckingham Palace and kidnap the President along the way. Quite why an eminent historian couldn’t just ask to see these antiques is the biggest mystery in the film and the pretext of clearing his family name is weaker than Cage’s attempt at an English accent.

By the time this joyless cash-in plodded towards its substandard Indiana Jones style finale, it was obvious that the only monumental thing about it were the heights of my boredom.



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