Naked Killer (1992)


A young woman’s botched attempt to kill the gangster who murdered her father leads to her being taken in by the leader of a ring of female assassins.

The obvious selling point to this Hong Kong action movie upon its release was the promise of gratuitous nudity by the stunning Chingmy Yau and company, but the fact is the whole soft core porn element is really rather tame; the story is very exploitative – beautiful female assassins in various states of undress brutally dispatching evil, lecherous men – but it’s actually rather technically accomplished for an exploitation flick. The action, particularly the John Woo style gun battles are well choreographed, it’s all photographed quite attractively and there are some very nicely framed shots of pretty set design and sexy outfits with some nice use of colour. The plot is nonsense of course, but not much more ridiculous than the average action flick and the story has quite a romantic core at its centre.

More live action manga than exploitation, it’s a visually pleasing Hong Kong action film with plenty of eye candy that has dated surprisingly well.



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