The Mummy Returns (2001)


Brendan Fraser and company are once again terrorised by cartoon mummies in this typical Hollywood sequel; it tries so hard to outdo the first that the ingredients that made it work get lost in the flabby, overblown excess.

The Mummy almost worked because of the interplay between some likeable characters, which was marred by the over-reliance on cartoonish CGI. So what did Stephen Sommers do for the sequel…? Strip out all of the characterisation and dialogue and fill the void with even more CGI, of course. Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz’s kooky romance is replaced by schmaltzy married bliss complete with precocious brat and John Hannah’s character does little more than bicker with said 8 year old. The plot consists of stereotypes spouting cliches between race against time chase sequences and as soon as they conclude, the villains immediately reappear and start another. This culminates in a fight sequence with the dreadfully rendered “Scorpion King” which looks like something out of an old video game. Having said all that, Sommers does know how to direct action and it does have some nice production design, so The Mummy Returns rarely broke the cardinal rule and actually bored me.

Passable as brainless entertainment, but this pointless sequel is so incredibly dumb it in no way tempted me to watch yet another sequel or spin-off.



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