Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (1979)


A boy is born in the stable next door to Jesus and is dismayed when he unwittingly acquires a throng of followers who believe him to be the messiah.

This parody of the swords and sandals epic from the Monty Python team came under a lot of fire from religious groups who saw it as blasphemy at the time of its release, which is ironic because that is exactly the kind of narrow mindedness that the film makes fun of. Despite the moments of random Python silliness that most remember about the film – and actually produces most of the laughs – Life Of Brian is really a smart social satire promoting tolerance and individuality. It has plenty of laugh out loud moments and one liners but this disguises the kind of intelligent message that most comedies fail to include.

I’ve perhaps seen it too many times now so Holy Grail still beats it for sheer belly laughs but Life Of Brian is still one of the true comedy classics.



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