Mission: Impossible III (2006)


After having retired from active service with the IMF, Ethan Hunt is drawn back into the shadowy world of international espionage after one of his charges is kidnapped.

Although it has clearly dated since, I was quite impressed with Brian De Palma’s original Mission Impossible; it was a decent attempt at a more adult spy movie with all of the right ingredients. The second was flawed but entertaining being much more of a dumbed down action film, but it was still tongue in cheek enough to be fun. What we have here is Ethan Hunt blowing stuff up, jumping off buildings and hanging from helicopters, sharing only the most rudimentary militaristic “op” speak with his James Bond tag-team; otherwise they barely interact with each other. Add a wedding ceremony that’s straight out of Independence day and a “twist” that’s so obvious a 5 year old could guess it, and what you have is basically True Lies without the jokes. At least the previous film knew it was trashy action and presented itself as such; Mission: Impossible III is just trashy action with delusions of grandeur.

A big disappointment.



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