Mission: Impossible (1996)


When a deep cover operative’s entire team is murdered during a mission, he becomes the prime suspect for their betrayal and so puts together a rogue team to steal a top secret document and draw the true culprit out of the shadows.

Mission: Impossible was one of the first of the new generation of conspiracy action thrillers and it’s rather showing its age. It all looks rather quaint to the in the post Bourne era and the antiquated technology, cheap looking effects and predictable plot suffer immeasurably compared to its modern day counterparts. On the plus side it has a great cast and despite my loathing of hack director Brian De Palma, his unsophisticated comic strip direction actually works in the context of a kitsch TV show adaptation.

It has some inventive moments and good pacing staves off boredom but the original Mission: Impossible is starting to look very old fashioned in this day and age.



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