Mission To Mars (2000)


An interplanetary mission is launched to the red planet to discover the fate of a scientific team stationed there.

Directorial hack Brian DePalma once again cack-handedly fails to conjure any sense of wonder or tension in this half-arsed space adventure that’s all dry techno babble at the start, giving way to ludicrous alien encounters at the end. The first half is basically Apollo 13 but even more dull, full of clumsy melodrama and absurd flag waving while the second tries desperately – and fails miserably – to create the kind of wonderment of 2001: A Space Odyssey or Close Encounters. Basically you have to endure an hour of space bound boredom just to find out that the pay off is really weak CGI and some unbelievably patronising dialogue. It’s a shame that a decent cast got involved in this simplistic nonsense, mainly because that’s what duped me into sitting through the thing.

Zero suspense in zero gravity.



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