The Machine Girl (2008)


The brother of a high school girl is bullied to death by the son of a Yakuza and so she wreaks her revenge using a prosthetic arm fashioned from a machine gun.

Gore can work. The over-the-top loony tunes violence of Ichi The Killer, the visual invention of Tetsuo and pure slapstick comedy of Evil Dead 2 made for some great films. Unfortunately the kinds of witless goons they inspire tend to concentrate on adolescent fetishism and just use it all as a excuse to dress girls in school uniform and spray fake blood everywhere. Machine Girl is one of those films that would’ve made a funny trailer in Grindhouse but stretched out for 90 minutes the puerile script, dimwitted dialogue, amateurish direction, terrible performances and rubbish visual effects make it as painful experience for the audience as Ami’s victims. Of course, none of this would’ve mattered if it had been funny. It isn’t.

Maybe not quite as crass and tedious as Tokyo Gore Police, but it’s still nothing but cheap and nasty and immature.



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