Lost In Translation (2003)


Two Americans – one an ageing Hollywood star, the other a bored young housewife – find a common bond when stranded in the twilight hours of Tokyo.

Sofia Coppola’s fluffy piece of cinematic confection was very warmly received upon it’s release, but this comedy drama is really rather lacking in the latter and relies entirely on the formidable charms of Bill Murray’s personality and Scarlett Johansson’s looks. Murray is his usual appealing self, displaying his trademark stoic bewilderment and laconic quips when faced with some of the more bizarre aspects of Japanese popular culture. There are some funny scenes, usually at the expense of the fatuous and self-absorbed actress played by Anna Faris who bears a striking resemblance to Cameron Diaz and I actually really enjoyed this film first time around when viewed in the company of friends and alcohol. Deprived of that convivial atmosphere however, it seemed to be a whole lot of nothing.

Appealing but empty.


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