Identity (2003)


A group of strangers stranded in an isolated motel during a storm are stalked by an unseen killer.

A kind of cross between Agatha Christie and Halloween that harks back to the days of Hammer Horror, Identity is one of the earlier examples of the M. Night Shyamalan “twist” school of film-making and as such stands or falls on your willingness to swallow its rather absurd premise. In its favour, it’s nicely shot, atmospheric and well played by a talented ensemble cast; John Cusack displays his usual quirky charm which plays off well against Ray Liotta’s typically intense persona. It’s all very intriguing at first, but as the plot becomes ever more far-fetched I’m sure many will become exasperated.

But if you are open-minded enough to accept its inherent silliness, Identity makes for a well made if very, very hokey slice of entertaining nonsense in a similar vein to The Game or Shutter Island.



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