Live Free Or Die Hard (2007)


Bruce Willis returns as the one man counter-terrorist unit, this time taking on an ex-government agent bent on sinking the US infrastructure into chaos while making a few billion on the side.

The basis of the plot is the classic “computer geek+laptop=total control over everything/anything in the world” school so favoured by Michael Bay and the like resulting in America’s favourite terrorism inspired paranoid fantasy, but having said that, it’s no more ridiculous than the Bourne films and delivers the same kind of frenetic stunt-orientated action. Willis proves he can still cut it in the ass-kicking stakes at his ripe old age and some of the set pieces are truly spectacular. Justin Long manages to play the wise-cracking nerd without grating on the nerves and it cracks along at an electric pace thanks to some taut direction by Len Wiseman.

The plot is a little cliched and the ending felt a little anti-climactic after such an unrelenting build up and it’s all a bit too humourless compared to the earlier instalments, but it makes a decent addition to a solid franchise.



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