Limitless (2011)


A down at heel writer is offered a brain-enhancing drug after a chance encounter which seems to be the answer to all his problems, but soon he begins to encounter some adverse side effects that threaten his new life.

I must admit, it’s very refreshing to see a thriller that touts brain power rather than fire power as a solution to life’s problems, and this stylish little indie-thriller initially intrigues with its fairly unique concept. Bradley Cooper convinces as both the directionless loser and suave sophisticate and Robert De Niro provides some weighty support. It’s a shame that when the real drama seems to appear – namely the worrying side effects to the drug and dilemma of financial success versus personal fulfilment – it’s so quickly and easily glossed over in favour of a couple of action scenes and a generic twist.

Thanks to the watchable performances and pacey direction it’s always engaging and makes for a reasonably entertaining thriller that unlike Bradley, doesn’t quite fulfil its promise.



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