The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou (2004)


Bill Murray resurrects Dr. Peter Venkman for this portrait of a self-absorbed and incompetent yet likeable scientist as we join him on a sub aquatic trip to hunt down the shark that allegedly killed his friend, encountering various misfits and oddballs along the way.

And oh so very quirky they are. I must say I really liked some of the visual touches and it made me laugh out loud on several occasions, but throughout the entire film my cynical side kept whispering in my ear “There’s nothing here…it’s an plotless and empty exercise in quirkiness for its own sake!”. And I could see it’s point. But the fact is, Bill Murray was in his element and it’s impossible not to feel its infectious cheeriness even though Murray was, despite the extremely impressive ensemble cast, the only particularly interesting character on show.

A superficial but likeable example of style over substance.



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