A Life Less Ordinary (1997)


A pair of angels are charged with making a spoilt heiress and her inept kidnapper fall in love.

Danny Boyle’s take on the rom-com is clearly an attempt to break the Hollywood mainstream, but at least he did so with a little knowing charm. Clearly inspired by It Happened One Night with a pinch of True Romance thrown in for good measure, it has the flavour of a Coen brothers’ film and Raising Arizona in particular. Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz make a handsome couple although they don’t quite click, and the comic relief provided by Hunter and Lindo is a little too post-Tarantino try hard. It certainly has its moments, but the story feels more like a patchwork of ideas that don’t quite come together, highlighted in particular by the mildly embarrassing animation during the closing credits.

Quirky enough to be enjoyable for the indie crowd but this is not exactly Boyle’s finest moment. Nice try, but no cigar.



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