The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)


The British government engage the services of a group of adventurers each with their own special powers to foil a plot to cause a world war.

Yet another effects laden blockbuster based on a graphic novel, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a little different because of its roots in classic literature. Each character is based on those featured in the works of Jules Verne, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and the like and does so with varying success. Sean Connery’s Alan Quartermain is a fun cross between Henry Jones Junior and Senior, Stuart Townsend’s Dorian Gray is dashingly amoral and Captain Nemo is reinvented as a martial artist in command of some spectacularly designed Art Deco retro technology. Mr Hyde however is some kind of shaved prosthetic gorilla with a personality disorder, the lady vampire’s relevance is tenuous and turning Tom Sawyer into a secret agent seemingly for the sole purpose of making the hero an American just daft.

But some of the effects are very well done, the action is breathless and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a reasonable¬†popcorn fuelled firework display of the cinematic fire and forget kind.



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