Layer Cake (2005)


A cocaine distributor who enjoys a low profile finds himself hunted by Serbian drug dealers after doing business with an inept gang of crooks.

Comparisons with Guy Ritchie are inevitable and the rather overly broadly played “Duke” and his crew invite such comparisons, but the rest of the film is quite a more sophisticated and measured affair. Daniel Craig is at his suave best as the protagonist who sees drugs as a business rather than a criminal activity and this film is no doubt the reason why he came to the attention of the casting director of Casino Royale. The cast of seasoned British veterans, including Michael Gambon, Kenneth Cranham and Colm Meaney all give able support and the plot is cleverly written. Vaughan sometimes skirts close to gimmick territory but the direction is otherwise slick and assured and the whole package comes together as a very entertaining and well made British crime film from the old school.

Minor irritations are the pop music soundtrack which is occasionally misjudged and intrusive and I felt there was one too many twists in the tale to convince, but otherwise very good stuff.



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