Lakeview Terrace (2008)


A young married couple move into their new home and make an enemy of the overbearing and overprotective cop who lives next door.

Lakeview Terrace is very much a mainstream Hollywood thriller that pretty much exists solely for Samuel L. Jackson fans to get their jollies by watching him act like an asshole. Its very familiar formula of neighbour-from-Hell also skirts around race issues as the couple in question are mixed race – I can only assume things are a bit different socially in America as this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in Britain in this day and age – but the fact that it all revolves around feeling sorry for the trials of a middle class white man feels a little too reactionary to extract any real sympathy from me.

Technically, Lakeview Terrace is a solidly made film with decent performances but it’s all a little too overly familiar and contrived – the lazy ending in particular – to rate as anything more than watchable.



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