Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song Of Vengeance (


Lady Snowblood is arrested and sentenced to death, but  a corrupt secret policeman frees her in order to employ her talents in recovering an incriminating document.

Why this film is called “Love Song Of Vengeance” I have absolutely no idea because the plot is basically a halfhearted slice of political intrigue which in no way can replace the original concept of a lifelong blood vendetta against rapists and murderers. The idea is all a little vague and unconvincing and the supporting characters are allotted far too much screen time, taking focus away from Meiko Kaji herself who is obviously by far the most interesting character. It still looks nice but it lacks the action and inspiration of the original film – although Quentin still found enough “inspiration” to steal the idea of blinding an eye-patch wearing foe!

Not a bad sequel, but it feels rather diluted compared to the first instalment.



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