Knowing (2009)


A time capsule is opened after 50 years and seems to contain predictions about every catastrophe that has happened in the world over the time it has been underground.

It has always disturbed me how a lot of these hokey conspiracy chillers often seem to contain an underlying stealth agenda that depicts modern science as a load of quackery unable to grasp the “truth” contained within a 2000 year old book of contradictory fairy tales and gibberish, and atheism in particular as ” just a phase” undergone by misguided buffoons who are sulking about losing a wife/child/cocker spaniel. That aside, Knowing is actually a decently made supernatural thriller containing some initially intriguing hooks, atmospheric visuals and appropriately spectacular Independence Day style destruction. The children managed to be bearable and love or loathe him, Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage. All of that is really rather unimportant though, because all of these “twist” based one idea stories live or die by their initial concepts and if they’re not good enough, the entire thing is built on quicksand. Without wanting to give away the “big surprise” ending, I could point out that this film’s plot is virtually identical to that of the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, so anyone who has seen that doesn’t need it spelt out to them.

To those who haven’t: L-A-M-E.



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