Kiss The Girls (1997)


Morgan Freeman is a forensic psychiatrist investigating the abduction of a group of young women in this purely by the numbers serial killer flick.

One of the many, many copycats that followed the success of Silence Of The Lambs and Seven, there is absolutely nothing here that you won’t have seen at least a dozen times before. The plot gimmicks – including the fact that he is aided in his investigation by one of the would be victims and the addition of a second killer – are as fatuous as you’d expect from this kind of dimwitted airport lounge literature inspired story, and of course the master criminal suddenly becomes a complete imbecile to set up the inevitably melodramatic showdown.

It’s competently directed and Morgan Freeman’s measured and mature performance saves it from becoming complete drivel, but that’s not enough to avoid total mediocrity.



2 thoughts on “Kiss The Girls (1997)

  1. I watched this for the first time recently. It was mediocre, at best, but well-acted from Freeman. Perhaps I didn’t find it so bad because I hadn’t seen many thrillers/crime films before. Still, I’ll like to find one that blows my mind.


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