Kiss Of The Dragon (2001)


A Chinese intelligence agent is sent to Paris to apprehend a heroin smuggler and crosses paths with a corrupt French detective.

Once again an Asian star is lumbered with the weakest of material when trying to crack the American market. Luc Besson’s scripts tend to only work when done with his trademark tongue in cheek humour; taken seriously, all you are left with are daft stereotypes and some serious lapses in logical story telling. I mean in what alternative dimension is a French detective an irredeemably evil, grenade-toting psychopath who can mow down dozens of civilians with automatic weapons in plain sight of everyone without ever getting caught?! Please. Jet Li is his usual charismatic self and his physical performance is as flawless as always and Bridget Fonda also brings a believable touch of vulnerability and humanity to her rather stereotypical tart with a heart character.

Unfortunately the strength of their performances serves only to remind you that they are both better than this kind of generic action nonsense.



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