Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)


A young council estate tearaway is recruited by a covert group of international super-spies in their attempt to foil the plans of an internet billionaire.

James Bond gets the Kick Ass treatment in another enjoyably off-beat and humorous action movie from Matthew Vaughn. There’s a lot to like about Kingsman: The Secret Service; the jokey homages to old school Bond and British espionage films in general, the frenetic and exciting action sequences and the enjoyably tongue in cheek performances from Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Jack Davenport served up with a liberal dollop of class-related comedy. Although it does take a lot of cues from the aforementioned movies, its tone and combination of post modernism, humour and stiff-upper lipped Britishness reminded me most of classic swinging sixties cult TV series The Avengers.

In fact fans of the show should definitely check out KingsmanĀ instead of the dismal big screen treatment of 1998 as it is superior in capturing its spirit in every single way.



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