Parker (2013)


A career criminal is betrayed and left for dead by his crew and so sets about learning the plans for their latest job and stealing their loot in revenge.

The Point Blank formula gets yet another Hollywood retread in this typically unimaginative but efficient Jason Statham vehicle. All of the relevant cliches are present and correct as ordinary decent armed robber Statham shrugs off a plethora of bullet and knife woulds with a bandage and a couple of aspirin in his workmanlike quest for revenge. Taylor Hackford’s direction lacks both flair and invention, preferring clumsy flashbacks to plotting and villains including Vic Mackey – sorry, Michael Chiklis- and a woefully miscast Wendell Pierce go through the bad guy motions before each being violently dispatched in turn. Jennifer Lopez’ presence as girl-next-door window dressing complete with gratuitous striptease serves only to remind how superior Out Of Sight was to this film, which completely lacks its style, wit and charm.

The very epitome of the term “generic”, Parker lacks the action, humour and imagination to be considered anything other than crushingly average.



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