King Of The Hill (2007)


A traveller who gets lost in the isolated Spanish countryside finds himself stalked by unknown armed assailants intent on murder.

This extremely taut and economical Spanish indie thriller has a no-nonsense approach that I actually found quite refreshing. No soapy sub plots or irrelevant embellishment, just a tense cat and mouse game between hunters and prey. Obviously owing a debt to the likes of Duel and Deliverance, the story is a simple tale of survival in the face of adversity and some very effective direction and solid performances make for an intriguing and suspenseful experience. Unfortunately the one gaping flaw is the revelation of who the hunters are and why, which is a shame because I felt it wasn’t really necessary. If the motive behind the killings were left unknown as in The Hitcher or Duel, it would’ve been far more effective as the explanation is rather weak and glib.

It’s a real shame because the execution is very strong, but if you can live with the half-baked plot twist King Of The Hill is actually rather well done.



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