Keane (2005)


A father whose 7 year old daughter was abducted roams the streets obsessively retracing his steps, consumed by guilt and self-loathing.

Sunshine and lollipops, Keane is not. It’s an intense character study of a man whose life has been destroyed by a tragic event, leaving him a mentally ill piece of emotional wreckage, unable to cope with the memories of what has happened. Damian Lewis puts in an amazing performance, especially since the camera never leaves his side for the entire duration of the film and it’s an extremely worthy and intelligent piece of film making. Enjoyable it is not, however. The experience is a little like that of Requiem For A Dream; the emotional time bomb was a bit like the anticipation of having a large plaster ripped off a particularly hairy area, or waiting in line at school for a painful injection.

It’s an extremely intense and creditable experiment that will probably make you a little less judgemental when seeing a “crazy person” on the street, but it’s about as far from a date movie as it’s possible to get.



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