Kamui The Lone Ninja (2010)


An ex-ninja on the run from his clan befriends a fisherman hoping to leave his former life behind him and enjoy a simple life, but his past inevitably catches up with him with violent consequences.

Kamui is an amusingly oddball chop-socky martial arts film based on a popular Japanese Manga. It captures the spirit of the comic strip with plenty of high-kicking, wire-flying violence as combatants bounce all over the screen dispatching pointy death on nearly everyone they meet. It is rather episodic and the story takes some bemusing turns – particularly when it turns into a Kung Fu version of Jaws(!) – but its sheer bizarreness acts to keep the audience interested as you never quite know what’s going to happen next. Some of the visual effects are a little ropy and subtlety is most definitely left at the door, but it’s an entertainingly strange addition to the genre.

Not as good as Azumi, but better than Azumi 2.



One thought on “Kamui The Lone Ninja (2010)

  1. This took me back to the old days of samurai and Kung fu movies with the low budget special FX and props; squirting blood and fight scene to draw you in momentarily. As you said, not Azumi but it wasn’t that bad!


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