Jumper (2008)


A teenager discovers that he can teleport anywhere at will and sets himself up with a self-indulgent hedonistic lifestyle, little knowing that he and his kind are being hunted by a clan of zealots intent on their extermination.

Jumper is a classic example of a Hollywood blockbuster that never got past the concept stage. No doubt cooked up in the wake of the success of the X-Men movies and Heroes, the vacuous plot leaves virtually everything unexplained and the hero and his love interest were clearly chosen for their ability to look good on the covers of movie magazines rather than any semblance of ability. Jamie Bell keeps things from reaching the level of utter tedium, but Samuel L. Jackson phones in his “bad guy” persona and the whole thing felt like a TV show pilot that I’d walked in on half way through; think Hancock without the jokes.

Considering the jokes were the only things that kept Hancock from being a towering pile of crap, this is not the most glowing of references.


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