JFK (1991)


District Attorney Jim Garrison examines the shooting of President Kennedy and finds so many discrepancies and loose ends he brings a criminal case to expose those who he believes were truly responsible.

The quality of Oliver Stone’s various projects has varied wildly during his career, but this conspiracy thriller based on one of the most infamous events in US history counts as one of his best. Some of the “facts” are no doubt dubious at best, but what he does create is an intense and believable drama with the aid of a superb, generation spanning all-star cast. The investigation, although very wordy and convoluted, is a lot more involving than the likes of All the President’s Men and the powerful courtroom recreation of the events of that day is absolutely fascinating. At a monumental three hours long it is something of an undertaking, but despite the usual inclusion of mawkish family drama, it holds the attention throughout. The biggest irony is that people actually used to believe in such elaborate conspiracy theories. My question is this: why would they bother? In recent times with its phantom WMD’s, Guantanomo Bay and hanging chads, governments have perpetrated appalling frauds and crimes against their people in plain sight, but the sad fact is that as long as they have their shopping malls, happy meals and Celebrity Dancing On Ice, no-one actually seems to give a shit.



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