Iron Sky (2012)



A lost enclave of the Third Reich entrenched on the dark side of the moon decide to reclaim the Earth after discovering mobile phone technology in the hands of a PR stunt moon landing.

I saw the trailers for this film a few years ago now and the whole idea of Independence Day with Nazis seemed like a dream come true. Unfortunately, this independent film was clearly desperate for financial backing and made the appropriate compromises to get it. It’s actually quite annoying that the script screams the word “REWRITES” because there are moments of genius. The US president embracing Nazi propaganda for one, the Flash Gordon homage as a fleet of unarmed “commercial satellites” wage war on a spaceship clearly designed by a man with the “smallest penis in the universe” for another. But the horrendous inclusion of a Wayans brothers’ version of “Blazing Saddles in space” hero with Aryan hot chick sidekick makes for some truly horrible moments , not to mention some of the kinds of directorial self indulgence that would make Michael Bay blush. All that said it has some great production design and effects and when it’s funny, it’s genuinely funny.

It’s just a shame that the best moments hint at what could have been, which seems so much better than it is.



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