Interview With The Vampire (1994)


A vampire born in New Orleans in the 18th century tells the tale of his life to an incredulous reporter.

Anne Rice’s own adaptation of her popular novel is quite literary which tempers the melodrama to give it quite a theatrical feel, which is augmented by a quality supporting cast; Tom Cruise gives one of his more characterful performances and is clearly enjoying himself as the rakish Lestat. It’s not all about the ruffle-shirted, bare-chested eye candy and Gothic romanticism for the benefit of the ladies however, as there is also plenty of period detail and some interesting themes running throughout; particularly the eternal child and links between voyeurism and violence. A very young Kirsten Dunst gives a mature performance as Louie’s unwilling child/love although I felt Antonio Banderas’ intriguing character was somewhat underused.

Interview With The Vampire is brooding, atmospheric and has a nice line in black yet playful humour and is far superior to the vast majority of it’s many, many copycats.



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