Inequality For All (2013)


Former US Labour Secretary Robert Reich’s examination of the growing economic gap between the rich and poor makes for very sobering viewing in a kind of financial version of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

If anything, Reich’s reputation and employment history makes him an even more credible figure and he clearly and concisely explains how this massive inequality in the distribution of wealth occurred and how it will affect the workers of his country and the world. Of course the entitled right will dismiss everything he says as “propaganda” and “socialism” but anyone with any sense of impartiality will see it as mere common sense; if the super rich continue extracting all the wealth from an economy and fail to inject anything back as they consistently do through tax evasion, investment in the financial sector instead of job creation and manufacture, and the use of offshore accounts and tax havens then the system becomes unsustainable. Reich himself makes an likeable and straight-talking front man and although the film – like An Inconvenient Truth – is based upon a lecture, his affability and use of attractive and informative infographics means it never fails to entertain, despite the rather worrying message.

Fascinating stuff and I’d have to say that anyone who still thinks that unfettered capitalism is a good thing after viewing this film must be the economic equivalent of a creationist!


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