The Incredibles (2004)


When superheroes are outlawed by a government sick of lawsuits and compensation claims, Mr. Incredible finds himself stuck in an dreary insurance job pining for the good old days.

Expecting The Incredibles to be a witty, satirical parody of the superhero genre I was slightly disappointed to find it a more of an affectionate homage. The best sequences are definitely the ones showing Mr. Incredible’s frustration with his dead end job, but at the end of the day this is a kids film so I was probably just expecting a little too much. It has that plastic quality that CGI films always have, but it also has some nice Gerry Anderson/James Bond themed images and the usual mix of references and in-jokes that are common to this type of thing; the Return Of The Jedi chase sequence probably being the most fun. I can’t say I laughed out loud at any point during the film because it lacks the sly wit of Toy Story, but it’s always amusing, pretty to look at and above all, fun.

I personally could’ve lived without the inevitable touchy-feely “be everything you can be” message that infers that as long as you love yourself, everyone else will love you too that kids films always have but otherwise it’s all good, clean family entertainment.



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