Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)


Like The Terminator, Alien and Star Wars franchises, Indiana Jones has become iconic and almost a sacred cow to those of a certain generation. But the fact is, viewed in their own right the third Terminator and Alien films were well made and entertaining; they just never stood a chance of acceptance because of the inevitable comparisons with their predecessors. The same was always going to be true of this film.

The fact is that it retains the feel of the series reasonably well and still featuring Harrison Ford and the consummate skill of Spielberg as it does, it was never going to be that bad. The script is the obvious weak point, it really just being a pastiche of the previous three films with some sub-Stargate nonsense about aliens tacked onto the end. But Shia LeBeouf makes an adequate sidekick and although the supporting cast don’t really get a chance to shine and it’s inevitably a little too CGI-heavy, I still enjoyed it. If you look at the competition as its contemporary action adventures rather than the original trilogy  -namely the likes of The Mummy and National Treasure – it compares very favourably indeed.

Now we’re all just left to wonder how good it could’ve been if George Lucas hadn’t vetoed the allegedly superior Frank Darabont screenplay.



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